Tales from the Yawning Slalom

Tues. Sep 26th

The Sunless

The Heroes Adventured to the town of Oakhurst heading to the Ole Boar Inn to try and gather information about the lost Hercules children (adults). They come across an ole tale that speaks of goblins selling one magical apple a year that is said to cure anything. Naturally Nevin devises a plan to seek out one of these apples to make wine. While asking around they meet Mama Hercules who points them in the direction of the Sunless Citadel where her children went missing. Before setting off to the Citadel, the group meets with one of the few known people who have eaten the goblin’s apple and confirmed it’s powers to be true. Shortly after, while traveling down the olde roade, they come across a deep chasm and decide to investigate what lies at the bottom. Shortly after climbing down into the chasm coco(sp?!) tosses a rock down the abyss, which causes dog sized rats to attack taking a big chunk out of Nevin and Elerine. Coco’s quick thinking results in a punt for the ages as a rat soars across the sky and eventually into the depths of the chasm. The party then finishes off the rats and take a rest while Elerine and Nevin heal up. While entering the citadel they come across an aged courtyard where time has clearly taken it’s toll. Akuma, Coco, and Elerine swiftly cross leaving Nevin behind as he falls into a deep hole. After a few attempts of climbing back up and with the help of Elerine, he makes it out only notifying a few nearby rats. Once at the other end of the courtyard the group finds a door guarded by a trap door. They swiftly step over the trap and enter a room with 2 doors. Upon entering one of the doors they find a second door with what appears to be a dragon’s head lock. Elerine unsuccessfully attempts to lockpick the door deducing that it cannot be unlocked through conventional means, while Nevin unsuccessfully attempts to blow it open with a firebolt deducing brute force will not unlock the door either. He realizes the dragon sculpture represents ashardalon, but he does not know more than that. Meanwhile Akuma slips into the other door finding a long hallway with 3 more doors inside. She attempts to open a door with a fish dragon inlay with no success. The rest of the group catch up and they open the second door in the hallway and find a few scared goblins. Nevin attempts to make peace with them by offering a glowing rock as a gift, but receives an arrow to the chest in response. CoCo realizing a bit too late that he can speak to them manages to calm the goblins and both sides agree to stand down. The group then leaves them be and opens the third door finding a small (dragon thing? forgot the name) named meepo who tells them that the goblins stole their dragon. The group heroically agrees to help meepo get their dragon back and the night ended with meepo escorting them to his leader (kal krex? or usu drayal? my notes were bad)



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